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5 Reasons Everyone Should Have an Esthetician

Skincare is a hot topic today more than it was, say, 10 years ago. I think it's because we are showing our faces to much larger audiences than we were in the past... and we all want to look our best. Everywhere you look, someone is talking or sharing about skincare. Bloggers, influencers, friends & family are all talking about their favorites. So who do you turn to for advice for your skincare? I'm here to explain why having your very own skincare professional is so important.

  1. They've Studied Skincare. This seems rather obvious, but the most important reason to have and trust a professional is, well, because they're a professional. They committed their lives to studying skin, ingredients and everything in between. Basically, they know their stuff.

  2. They Hand Select the Best Products. With over 25,000 skincare brands out there, your esthetician has sifted through and chosen their favorite brands based on extensive research. Often times, these products are made available only through licensed professionals because they are so potent, they need to be professionally recommended.

  3. They're Not Paid to Endorse. Let me be transparent first. Your esthetician often receives a small percentage of their product sales. However, and this is a big however, your esthetician meets with you, discusses and analyzes your skin, and makes professional (that word keeps popping up) recommendations about your skin specifically. This is their job. So, yes, they get paid for doing their job (as they should), but this is a small price to pay for all of the professional advice you get along with it. Plus, when you find an esthetician you trust, one you know is in this profession to change lives and boost confidence, you'll feel content knowing it's not just about a sale to them... it's about the feeling they get knowing they've made a difference in their guest's lives.

  4. Everyone's Skin is Different. You do not have the same skin or skin concerns as your favorite influencer. You do not have the same skin as your best friend. Sure, you both might have acne... and she swears this certain product helped hers. But maybe her acne was hormonal related. Maybe her acne was due to her gut health. Maybe she has dry skin with acne and you have oily skin with acne. You get where I'm going with this... what might have worked for her, won't necessarily work for you. Your skincare professional can help you discover the products that will fit you as a unique individual.

  5. They become your "Esti Besties." Once you find your favorite Esthetician, it's likely you'll be friends for life.

As you can see, there are great benefits to having a skincare professional on your side. In this world of skincare trends and influencers, it's best to have a person who lives and breathes skincare to help guide you to your ideal skin health.

Don't have an esthetician? Don't know where to start? The best thing to do is book a facial with one of our professionals. They will begin with a non-judgemental consultation, take a look at your skin, and get you on the path to your best skin ever!


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