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Skincare & Sugaring
with Kate

Kate's Facias

Customized Organic Facials

Kate's most popular facials!

Everyone's skin is different and often changing, so your facial should be no different.  These organic facials are perfect for those who are not sure what to book because they are completely customized just for you. 

60 Minutes  $89
90 Minutes  $125
Pick-Me-Up*  $55
*This treatment is meant for in between 60 or 90 minute treatments- Not for first visits.

Facial Add-On's

Nano Needling    $25

LED Light Therapy    $20

Organic Scalp Massage   $25

Jelly Mask   $25

Dermaplane Glow & Go!       $60


When all you need is a good Dermaplane!  Cleanse | Dermaplane | Jelly Mask | Finishing Touches (serum/moisturizer) 

Korean "K-Beauty" Facials

K-Beauty/ Korean Beauty is gaining a lot of popularity in the Esthetics industry.  It’s easy to get swept away by beauty trends, but as your professional, you can trust us to guide you through the overwhelming world of this huge K-Beauty marketplace.


Here at Balance Beauty Spa + Wellness, we've done a lot of research and have fallen in love with a few select, reputable K-Beauty brands. These products were initially discovered by an American Esthetician that lived in South Korea for years and studied the products and the Asian skincare traditions.


What is K-Beauty all about? I was surprised to learn that Korean Beauty is not about excess, but more about a holistic minimalism approach.  Korean's believe in quality ingredients, protecting and nourishing the skin barrier, and less-is-more. (Basically our philosophy already.)

Why all the hype? The Korean government spends a LOT of money to promote the beauty and entertainment industries. (Which is why K-Pop is so popular, too.)  With all of this money being poured into their beauty industry, they are known to be at least a decade more advanced than we are here in the USA.  Between the science-y ingredients and their innovative packaging- it’s very fun for skin nerds like ourselves.

Like our true and trusted Customized Organic Facials, our K-Beauty Facial is completely customized to your skin specifically as well.

60 Minutes   $105
90 Mintues   $145

Sugaring Hair Removal

Kate's Sugaring

Kate is currently perfecting her sugaring technique.  Enjoy her temporary prices while expressing patience and possibly a bit of extra time.

Eyebrows    $25

Upper Lip       $15

Chin                $15

Sides of Face  $30

Full Face         $55

Underarms    $20

Half arms       $40

Full arms        $60

Bikini             $55

Brazilian (first visit)      $75             

Brazilian (follow up within 4 weeks)   $68

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