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Our Farm-to-Treatment pedicures will cocoon you in goodness.  Authentically crafted with small batch organic fruits, vegetables and herbs from across the U.S. 
We are proud to use:
- Properly (+above and beyond) cleaned pedicure bowls.
- Pipeless, magnetic jets.
- Sterilized & packaged tools.
- Brand new files & buffers with every guest.
- High level certifications for our therapists.
- The safest, most natural & organic ingredients.

honey lavender.png

Honey Lavender Relaxation Pedicure  | $85 

BEST ENJOYED: Phone: OFF / Total Relaxation: ON

THE MOOD: Do not disturb

EXPERIENCE: Slip away for a foot renewal that begins with dipping your feet into an antioxidant rich soak of lavender and rosemary (with the option of a CBD booster.) Some say the best part is our relaxing honey lavender foot & lower leg scrub + massage.  Full pedicure including trim, file, callus treatment and polish included.

Watermelon Basil

Pedicure  | $85 

BEST ENJOYED: With a sunny spirit

THE MOOD: Embrace your spring fever

EXPERIENCE: A delicious soak ripe with notes of juicy watermelon hug aching muscles and joints with CBD.  Our Watermelon Basil foot & lower leg scrub buffs away dry, while the massage will have you breathing a sigh of relief.  Full pedicure including trim, file, callus treatment and polish included.

The Garden Fresh

Pedicure  | $85 

BEST ENJOYED: As a perky pick-me-up

THE MOOD: Blooming joyful

EXPERIENCE: Feet and lower legs are enveloped in a warm, herbal soak (with your choice of CBD addition.) Let a burst of refreshment scrub over your feet & lower legs with notes of citrus-grass followed by a silky harvest greens massage.  Full pedicure including trim, file, callus treatment and polish included.


+Relaxing and calming pedicure. Begins with a foot soak in essential oils and mineral-rich salts. Followed with trim and shaping of nails and cuticle work. Callus treatment is then used to smooth and reduce calluses, then using an organic scrub after. A relaxing foot massage is next, with a honey heal glaze wrapped in essential oil hot towels to finish. Application of regular polish is included.



+Includes an essential oil soak with trim and shaping and nails. Cuticle work and callus treatment to follow. Finished with scrub and lotion application and choice of regular polish application. 



+Quick essential oil soak with trim and shaping of nails. Light cuticle work and finished with an application of regular polish.



+Gel removal added to any pedicure service



+Gel polish added to any pedicure service 



+French nail on toes 



+Completely safe removal of gel with no reapplication. Includes removal and clean up and shaping of nails.

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