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What is an Eminence Organics Green Spa? (And why we're Honored to be One)

Not only does Eminence Organics strive for healthy skin, they dream about a healthy planet. Eminence has initiated the Green Spa Program that rewards spas for supporting green practices. In order for a spa to be named an Eminence Green Spa, they have to meet at least 60% of their guidelines to qualify.

We couldn't be more proud to announce that Balance Beauty Spa has been recently named an Eminence Green Spa!

You may not know this, but spas create a great amount of waste if they're not careful. In order to keep things clean and sanitary, many items are single-use. Over the years at Balance Beauty Spa, we've cut back and re-imagined our treatments to use less single-use items whenever possible. Some of the changes we've made (where applicable) have looked like:

- Hand towels instead of paper towels

- Organic cotton rounds instead of disposable cotton rounds in facials

- Stainless steel spatulas for sugaring instead of wooden sticks

Other items that have qualified us for the Green Spa program include:

- Using power-saving methods

- Using non-toxic cleaning supplies

- Using low-energy lighting

- Having a recycling program

- Adjusting heating & cooling by 2 degrees when the spa is not in use

While this is a great honor, there's always room for improvement, and we're always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. Thank you, Eminence Organics, for naming us a Green Spa and placing us on your "Green Spa Locator." We are happy to contribute to your healthy skin and healthy planet initiative.


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