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Your Esthetician's Tips About Aging (and none of them involve skincare products)

Body image and self-shaming. These are big topics, and I'm impressed with all of the positive attention they're getting in the media lately. Confident women. It's fantastic! But you know what needs a little more attention? Positive Aging.

Women are constantly shaming themselves over their age and the appearance of their age. Just like with the body image issue, everywhere we look there are air-brushed photos and so much plastic surgery that it sets unrealistic expectations. There is this fear of getting older, when the reality is that aging is a completely natural thing that we can't avoid.

Here are my tips about aging, and some of them might be hard to accept. It's about changing your perspective.

The only way to actually feel younger is to embrace the reality that you are in fact getting older-- and deal with it.

1. Embrace the facts: Every day you're growing older. Read that again if you need to. We cannot change this cold hard fact. We can spend a ton of time and energy trying to change this, but it would be impossible.

"Teenagers look different from toddlers, women in their fifties look different from women in their twenties. That is healthy. That is normal." -Cameron Diaz

2. Measure your value, not your age. We carry around this "number" as if it's who we are. I'm Kelly and I'm 32. Instead of carrying around a number, let's try carrying around a list of things that make us the amazing person we are. A list of "qualities" like:

being a great friend, wife or mother. A hard worker, a value to my community (and the list goes on.) Your age is not who you are.

comparison is the thief of joy

3. Change your daily feed. Do you ever find yourself looking at a picture of a beach and wishing you were there at that very moment? The same idea goes with our daily feed of people and images. If I'm looking at images of women in their early 20's when I'm in my 30's, it's hard not to wish my skin was as flawless as theirs. I'm not telling you to give it up, but here's my advice: Start adding some positivity to your daily feed. Follow bloggers who are at the same "life stage" as you. Add a few inspirational quotes to the mix. Then, STOP following celebrities that live on plastic surgery & airbrushed images.

4. Be the best version of yourself. It's OK to wear makeup and get a facial to look a little younger & smoother. (yes, yes... says the esthetician.) I'm a true believer that women who feel good about themselves go out and do great things in the world. So be the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself.

Now go out in the world and be the most beautiful you.

Written with love from your esthetician,

Kelly at Balance Beauty Spa

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