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Your Esthetician's Guide to K-Beauty (Korean Beauty)

Korean Beauty, otherwise known as "K-Beauty" is gaining a lot of popularity in the skincare industry.  It’s easy to get swept away by beauty trends so I'm here to guide you.

What is K-Beauty all about? Korean Beauty is about combining tradition with innovation. In regards to tradition, Koreans have used herbs and fermentation practices for centuries. I was surprised to learn that Korean Beauty is not about excess, but more about a holistic minimalism approach.  They believe in high quality ingredients, protecting and nourishing the skin barrier, and a less-is-more approach. (Basically our philosophy here at Balance Beauty Spa + Wellness.)

Why all the hype? The Korean government spends a LOT of money to promote the beauty and entertainment industries. (Which is why K-Pop is so popular, too.)  With all of this money being poured into their beauty industry, they are known to be at least a decade more advanced than we are here in the USA. (This is where innovation comes in.)  Between the science-y (that's a word, right?) ingredients and their innovative packaging- it’s very fun for skin nerds like ourselves.

How do I start exploring K-Beauty? I've saved you the trouble of having to go down the K-Beauty "rabbit hole," by exploring, hand-selecting and testing some really great products and techniques. The best place to start would be to come see us for a Customized Korean K-Beauty Facial.

What can I expect during a Korean K-Beauty Facial? Great question! I have designed a wonderful facial protocol that involves things like:

  • An Oxygenating Blue Tansey Bubble Cleanser+Mask

  • A gentle exfoliating peel using PHA's and LHA's (new to the skincare world!)

  • Nano-Infused Ampoules of Gold, Salmon DNA or pure Hyaluronic Acid

And if you've had one of my Customized Facials already, you know that I've always got some surprises up my sleeve.

Sounds fun, right? See you at the spa, sweet friend!


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