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3 Easy Beauty Habits to Try During Quarantine

As we settle into our "new normals" this month and perhaps are beginning to form new routines, it's a great time to incorporate a new beauty habit that we otherwise may have put off. You might realize how simple yet effective they are and continue these habits into your post-pandemic lives.

New Habit #1: Masking

As an esthetician, there are certain products we want all of our guests to be using... SPF, serum, a good cleanser and some kind of exfoliation. We typically build on that regimine from there, and often times masques are the last thing we'll recommend to you. This doesn't mean they're not important or effective... it just means that masks are seen as "boosters" to an already good skincare regimine which we like to have in place first.

Incorporating a mask during this time is easier than you might think. Put one one while doing laundry. Put one on while you binge-watch Netflix. Apply when you get in the shower, remove at the end of your shower. Did you know you can even sleep with some of our masques on?

My suggestion for making this new habit and keeping it going into post-quarantine life: Try habit-stacking (which I picked up from a really great book called: Atomic Habits by James Clear.) Stack this new habit onto a weekly habit you already have. For example:

"While I fold clothes, I'll wear a masque."

"On Mondays when I watch The Bachelor, I'll wear a masque."

"When I shave my legs in the shower, I'll wear a masque."

"I will apply my masque just before my 30 minutes of no-screen-time before bed"

Give it a try! Shop our professional Eminence Organics Masques online, here!

New Habit #2: Protect Yourself from Blue Light

Studies show that we spend more than 6 hours per day (and likely even more during this time) in front of a digital device. I'm sure you've heard a lot about how this can be damaging to our eyes, so protecting with blue light glasses is recommended. But did you know that blue light can be damaging to our skin as well?

Blue light from a regular digital device has the ability to reach deeper layers of the skin than UV rays from the sun. Yikes! This means it has the ability to damage your skin's prized-possesion... the collagen and elastin fibers. Our skin cells have receptor sites which are like parking spaces, and if free radicals caused by blue light park in those receptor sites, it causes stress to our collagen and elastin fibers. Cocoa seed extract, found in our Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer, basically acts as a "parking cone" for those receptor sites to protect our our collagen and elastin fibers from blue light stress.

New habit: Protect your eyes and your skin from blue light. You can literally search "blue light glasses" on amazon for cute & trendy glasses. Try our Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer (which can be used with or without makeup) to protect your skin.

New Habit #3: Positive Self Talk

Have you ever found yourself saying things to yourself like?

"My skin looks so horrible."

"I would look so much better if I didn't have acne"

"These wrinkles make me look so old"

"If only I had skin like... (insert name)"

If you answered yes, then take a moment with me and let's analyze negative & positive self talk. First off- this isn't all your fault. Part of this comes from the years of brainwashing from the beauty industry playing off of your insecurities- advertising that if you "just use this, then you'll be beautiful" or "this is what beautiful looks like." If you look at those phrases, the beauty industry is basically saying: "You're ugly" and "You're not good enough." The problem here is that the beauty industry isn't going to stop telling you that (Balance Beauty Spa being the exception, of coarse.) So if the beauty industry won't stop, it's up to YOU to reverse the negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

What if you choose to love your skin instead? Think about how powerful your skin is to you. It's your body's largest organ. It's protected you. It's protected everything inside of your body and has so many different functions to keep you healthy. It's always working for you. When you view your skin with love and appreciation, it has a trickle-down effect because you'll value it and want to take better care of it. When you love your skin, you'll begin to treat it with more respect by eating more skin-nourishing foods and by using healthy, natural skincare.

Today, I'd like you to write down the answer to these two questions: What has your skin done for you? What can you do for your skin?

Instead of saying: "My skin looks horrible," try something like "What can I do to thank my skin today?" You may find yourself whipping up a smoothie knowing how much your skin will appreciate it. You might protect your skin from blue light and say "here you go, skin, I'll protect you since you protect me." You might even find yourself wearing your face mask to say "thanks, skin, here's some nourishment!" Give it a whirl and let me know your thoughts!

Stay well, beauties!

Hugs, Kelly

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