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Our Local Columbus Collaborations

Here at Balance Beauty Spa + Wellness, we like to collaborate with other local businesses that are doing great things in the world.  We believe in genuine collaborations where we both believe in each other's brand and love to support good people- not to get paid for it.

Interested in a collaboration? Email us at and let us know what makes your business amazing and why you think we'd make good partners.


Our Ultimate Escape spa package includes a delicious lunch from The Whitney House. Hear from the restaurant's proprietor, Ian F Brown, below to learn more about this culinary gem:

We opened the Whitney House because we love our families and friends. Our menu is inspired by the glory days of Sunday dinners when the entire family--along with a cadre of friends and neighbors-- piled into the dining room to sit, catch up and enjoy a delicious meal together.

The Whitney House pays homage to the homes and kitchens in our past that welcomed all, treated everyone like family and offered food and drinks made with


Located in downtown Worthington, The Whitney House serves made-from-scratch, rustic-yet-refined, American comfort food. We use fresh and local ingredients and constantly look for new and innovative ways to serve our community.

We want for you to feel at home when you stop by the Whitney House. We look forward to serving you and anxiously await your return!

— Ian F Brown, Proprietor

Melanin Mamaa Boutique

Breanna Johnson, the founder of Melanin Mamaa Boutique, reached out to us a few years ago to host a pop-up boutique at our spa.  We fell in love with her jewelry, which is described as "a whole new look to classy."  It's affordable too!  


A little bit about the brand, by Breanna Johnson:

The brand has been a symbol of never giving up and keeping the pursuit. I dedicated Melanin Mamaa Boutique to my closest friend in 2020 who unfortunately passed, but I promised him that I would make sure the brand continues and makes a positive impact in our world. He was the person who challenged me most and nicknamed me Melanin Mamaa. 

Melanin Mamaa.jpg

Two NP's in a Pod

2 Np's.jpg

We are Rose and Maddie, best friends and family nurse practitioners practicing in central Ohio. We met in college while pledging the same sorority, and the rest is history!

In our professional settings as providers, we both see many patients via acute/sick visits in addition to standard comprehensive and routine visits. Rose also practices aesthetic medicine through the Skin Clique!

When starting our blog, our main goal was to provide medical and health information to people/patients in a fun, simple, and straightforward way. We also like to share lifestyle content to add a personal touch, and we believe in “keeping it real” with both ourselves and our followers  Life is about balance, after all!  We also love thrifting, karaoke, and any kind of travel.

We are now embarking on a new journey together- motherhood! We are excited to parent and raise our boys alongside each other (with our husbands, who are also best friends). As we have experienced pregnancy, postpartum life, and new motherhood, each during different stages, we have started to integrate new focuses into our content. We have become more passionate about women’s health, particularly as it relates to all things postpartum. We have found that postpartum care is majorly lacking, and we believe that it’s crucial that moms, as well as babies, receive comprehensive care during this period. We are love sharing about motherhood, as well as some of our favorite mom hacks and products


Maddie and Rose 

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