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Fire & Ice Muscle Relief Massage

Today I want to discuss the use of contrast therapy during restorative massage. The Fire & Ice Muscle Relief Massage tackles chronic pain and tension while providing a unique sensory experience. I use contrast therapy; which is the simultaneous use of hot and cold elements. This is a common treatment I used while practicing in the physical therapy department at the hospital I worked for and in private practice with pro athletes to rehab injuries. It was an effective treatment but reminded me of a trip to the doctor's office; a little sterile. You should know by now that I'm always trying to connect the mind and body of my clients, so I went back to the drawing board and created something that client's so far are describing as one of the best massages of their life! The best way I can describe it is it's kinda like taking a bite of your favorite ice cream, covered in a rich hot fudge sauce all while buried deep under layers of blankets in a cold room with just your nose sticking out. By the way, that's my favorite way to sleep. And now I'm off on a tangent and need a nap, so let me get back on track and tell you more about this massage! lol

First I begin with a light application of hot oil on the temples with cold ice globe massage. As you feel your breath deepen, I begin massaging the neck, shoulders (upper chest) with hot oil, using a combination of light lymphatic strokes and firmer pressure to encourage drainage and release adhesions and tension from the muscles. Then I introduce an increasingly cooling gel to reduce inflammation and cleanse the body of toxins. I continue along the arms, legs, feet, and back; alternating between the hot oil and cooling gel. The analgesic affect of the cooling gel continues for quite a while, but don't worry about getting cold. The table warmer is adjusted to your preferred level of comfort, your feet have warm fuzzy socks on them, and your abdomen (face up) and back (face down) are covered with a weighted heating pad. The constant contrast between hot and cold, light and firm pressure and aromatherapy of clove/cinnamon and eucalyptus/mint lulls your body and mind into the deepest state of bliss. I can't remember a single person who didn't fall asleep!

This experience is fully customizable, for instance if you have poor circulation and "freeze to death" I can use more of the hot and less of the cold elements. If you run hot or suffer from the occasional hot flash, I turn down the heat, remove the cover from your feet, and use more of the cooling gel. You have the power to control the thermostat so you can achieve a state of perfect balance and harmony!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to book your Fire & Ice Muscle Relief Massage now!

Sending healing vibes!


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Max R.
Max R.
Jun 21

I went to Prague massage with fire and ice back in 2023. It was interesting, but it didn't sound quite as intense as what you described here. I'll have to book an appointment with you all to check it out for myself! :)

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