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Beyond the Polish - The Benefits of Pedicures

Most people think of pedicures as something that is only needed in the spring and summer when our feet have been set free from the restricting shoes we shove our feet into all winter long. Pedicures are just as important in the cooler months as they are in the warmer months. Our feet take a beating and there is risk for infection any time of the year.

Soaking in warm water is great for your joints and will boost circulation in your feet. Maintaining regular trimmings and cuticle care will reduce the chance of a fungus growing. Proper cutting of the nail can also reduce the risk of ingrown toenails. Using an exfoliating scrub along with callus reduction will soften your feet and prevent an overgrowth of callus on some areas. Finishing your pedicure with a relaxing lotion massage will feel amazing and give you the added moisture your feet need. Last but not least, a pretty color on your well groomed toes can give you the confidence boost you need to rock that cute pair of sandals.

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