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Balance Beauty Spa is Moving!

About 6 months ago I felt it weighing on me to find a new location for Balance Beauty Spa. The current location has been nothing less than perfect for me the last 4 years but as my lease was coming to the option to renew another 3 years, I felt like there were missing pieces to the puzzle of my future. "What missing pieces?" You may ask. Well, the funny thing is, I'm not 100% sure myself!

Here's what I DO know.

* I know my business is ready to grow. I have quite the waitlist for sugaring & skincare, and requests come in about every other day.

* I know I need more space to work. I'm constantly bumping into things while I'm working. Hopefully that hasn't been noticeable to my guests, but it's definitely been bugging me.

* Visibility, branding, growth... I feel like Balance Beauty Spa can be so much more than just a single room in the future. This single room has been perfect for my journey so far, but I see it becoming something bigger!

Now, it seems like there's a lot of unknown. The reality is that I couldn't necessarily envision the future for my business without finding the perfect space first. And when there are NOT a lot of spaces withing 1 mile of the current location available, it makes the process really difficult. It's sort of like house hunting... where you have a list of "must haves" and "absolutely not's" and then you start looking.

Side Note: I love being self-employed and living in a country where I'm not ridiculed or attacked because of my beliefs (for the most part anyways.) You don't have to agree or believe what I believe, but please, be respectful of me is all I ask. It wouldn't sit well with me if I failed to mention that a big part of this process was praying and asking for help from God (its sort of like an award acceptance speech, where you just have to acknowledge all of the important people who have helped you.) I'm learning and trying to remember that sometimes I need to take a step back from what I selfishly want and try to see what He wants for me.

That being said, I started searching for my new space about 6 months ago and toured several potentials. One would be too small, one would be too big. One would be decent but way out of my price range. One would be perfect, but slip right through my fingers because I didn't act quickly enough. Another would have some of the things on my "must haves" list, but not others.

At one point I found what I thought was my perfect space. I gave what I believed to be a fair offer. I could have forced it to work, but I practiced patience. It didn't work out. I was bummed, but trusted that it just wasn't what God intended for me. At that point I thought about it and realized I would have been in over my head. I re-evaluated my "must haves" and "absolutely not's" list and waited again for my perfect space to become available.

Then I found it! The historic Snow House. It has everything I wanted and then some. The funny thing about it is that I peeked in the windows about 2 years ago and said to a friend "this would be the perfect place for a spa."

A little bit about the space: It was built in 1815 by John Snow (and I already cleared it with my husband that it was not the John Snow from Game of Thrones.) It's a beautiful historic brick building that captures every bit of Worthington charm. Besides the beauty of the space, it offers plenty of space for me to work without bumping into things, comes with two "designated" parking spaces, and has plenty of room to grow.

As I transition my business, to be sure I don't get in over my head, I will begin by using the downstairs portion of the building as my business first. As I feel comfortable growing, I will eventually expand upstairs. Ultimately, my family comes first, so I need to take the process at a pace that works for us.

I'm so excited to introduce it to you! I blocked two weeks "vacation time" out of my schedule months ago with every good intention of doing NOTHING the entire time... but it appears to be the perfect time to transition to the new space. So when I come back to work on August 18th, I will be fully moved in!

I can't wait to see you there!

Special thanks to: My husband, Jeremiah, for always supporting my dreams and dealing with my meltdowns. It takes a very special person to do this. My kids-- who believe it or not have been so supportive of this. My family. My sweet, sweet friends. Kayla, Stacey and my Wednesday morning "faith sisters" who have prayed with and for me through this process. And last, but very not least, my beautiful clients who have trusted me over the years. xoxo

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