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How To Turn Your Skin Care Routine Into A Ritual

Making and consistently keeping habits has always been a struggle for me. Over this last year I have really prioritized the health of my skin by making educated decisions about my skincare. This includes making my skincare routine a habit. I still struggle at times but I have gotten better at it and one of the things that has helped me be successful at sticking with it has been to think of it as a ritual. I just feel like that is more fun and not something that I have to do but its a part of who I am as a person. I am Fiona, the girl who loves to take care of her skin. It might sound silly but it works for me. Now here are some of my tips to turning your skincare routine into a ritual.

  1. Find a good REALISTIC routine. It is so easy to get overwhelmed. Start with a cleanser, moisturizer, and an SPF in the day. If you need any help finding products at ANY price point don’t hesitate to reach

  1. Use products that you enjoy and are excited about and DON’T CHANGE THEM! You are not going to see the results of your product for at least 6 weeks. Be patient and if, after 2 months you don’t feel like it’s doing anything, try something new. Obviously, if you have a reaction to the product stop using it.

  2. Don’t rush! This is a time to clear your head. Really massage your products in. They will penetrate deeper and this will help with blood flow!

  3. This step is optional but this is a great time to reflect on your day. Think about what you are grateful for and what you are looking forward to!

That’s it! Feel free to reach out with any questions and good luck to you all!



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