Creating Custom Skincare Products | The Aroma Design Experience

The Aroma Design Experience at Balance Beauty Spa + Wellness is an experience that allows you to create custom and unique aromatherapy combinations that are blended into our organic skincare product bases. This allows you to be creative and make something deeply personal. Blend something based on your mood, intention, or desire. Even better, create a gift for a loved one or for a special occasion with a personal touch from you, something that means just a little more. There are hundreds of amazing, therapeutic grade aromatherapy blends you will fall in love with.

How does it work?

The Aroma Design Bar experience comes to life with your trained therapist using the Intentional Aromatherapy App (which is only available to trained professionals.) The app and your therapist guide you through a series of multiple choice questions designed to assess what feelings you’d like your scent to evoke: Are you seeking to banish the blues? Shift your mood? Invite change? Based on your responses, you then concoct the perfect, unique aromatherapy recipe. This simple, fun and educational innovation allows you to explore, choose and create truly custom aromatherapy blends.

The therapeutic-grade essential oil blends are then added to our organic unscented bases (Shea & Aloe Hand Cream, Massage or Bath Oil or Mango Butter Foot & Leg Balm.) There are even five botanical boosters (Arnica, Calendula, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, & Pomegranate oils) available to soothe muscle aches, prevent aging or provide extra skin nourishment.

With all that information…. Who is ready to start blending?

Our Aroma Design Experience can be reserved as on it’s own, or try it paired with another spa treatment (in which your therapist can use your new custom-blended product during your treatment.)

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