5 Reasons to Love Dip Manicures

You might be wondering "What is a Dip Manicure?"

Think if gel polish and acrylic had a baby, that would be dip powder. It’s a no-chip nail strengthening system that provides a beautiful long lasting manicure.  Not all dip manicure systems are the same, and just like everything else we use at Balance Beauty Spa + Wellness, we search high and low for the best, most healthy products available.

5 Things I love about our Dip Manicures:

1. It is five free (no toluene, formaldehyde, BHA, camphor, or DBP), it’s cruelty free and vegan.

2. It does not stain or weaken the nails.  Because of the strength, it promotes natural nail growth allowing you to grow your nails easier than ever before.

3. Dip powder will at least two weeks or more.

4. Your nails will remain shiny until it is time to come in for another manicure.

5. It gives your nails vitamins A, D, B5, E, and calcium. 

Ready to give it a try? We're having a special on the Dip Manicures for the month of November, so hop online and book with me, or give us a call to schedule. See you soon!

Author, Sam McFarlane, is the Lead Manicurist at Balance Beauty Spa + Wellness.

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