Wonder Wednesday : Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Hello again ladies and gentlemen!

Today's blog post is a new form on Wonder Wednesday that I'll be testing out. Can you guess what this week's Wonder is ?

It's you.

Yhup, you heard me right ! This week the Wonderful thing I want to focus on is yourself. Sometimes, and now more than ever, it's hard to remind yourself that you are , in fact, a wonderful thing to be admired. While I'm no doctor or professional in the scene of lifestyle or mindfulness, I'd like to try and share some tidbits I've found useful in this Corona-virus ordeal. So, shall we get started ?

Alllll-right, I know for a lot of people right now these are trying times. There is a lot of confusion, fear and down right uncertainty in the world. Maybe you're stuck quarantining with your parents, children, significant other or maybe you're alone. All of those situations can be stressful and your mixed feelings about them are valid. It's good to acknowledge your feelings, but, it's not healthy to dwell on them. So, let's try and find some ways to work through them. I think breaking up the way we think about this into three parts will help. In our personal endeavor of finding peace in this chaotic world we will focus on feeding our mind, body and soul by making small changes in our daily life with mindfulness.

The term 'mindfulness' might sound a little overwhelming to some, and if you're thinking 'I'm not here for life coaching' then I'll stop you right there and add I won't be preaching lifestyle changes or anything of that sort. But rather, small changes in our inner dialogue that I think will positively reinforce good habits. For example, simply correcting some negative thoughts on mundane things like cleaning. When a thought like 'Ugh, I really don't want to clean again. It doesn't matter, it'll just get cluttered again'' crosses your mind, double back and correct it to 'It's okay I'm a little disorganized sometimes, but I deserve a clean and healthy environment'. Reinforcing these positive thoughts will only make it easier to change your inner dialogue for the future. With all the negativity around us, it's easy to get overwhelmed by it. So, go ahead and find a source of positivity for your mind. Feed your mind with positivity

Maybe that's finding an article written about the good things that are happening right now that are being overshadowed. You can also pick up that book that's been collecting dust, or (if you're like me) find an outlet to write out some of those thoughts!

For some right now they have found some inner peace by feeding their body with fitness. And that’s so exciting, and if you’re one of those people, I’m proud of you! However, that isn’t the only approach for feeding your body with positivity, and I for one, chose another route. Like most of us, we’ve noticed that with this pandemic that our lives may feel… a little slower I might say? And you know what? That is totally okay too. With this extra time we can choose to enjoy this period and let our body rest from our otherwise crazy and hectic lifestyle. (Which might I add, I really do love, but we can talk about that another day. We can fuel our bodies by finding peace in this time off, and letting our body tell us what it needs. It feels good to slow down and indulge in things that you wouldn’t otherwise have time for. (In my humble opinion) Nothing makes you slow down and relax like a face masque and a little “Me Time”. So go ahead, draw a bath, watch your favorite show, play your favorite game, paint your nails; do something that will make you stop for a second and zen.

And hey, maybe you can rope someone in doing it with you like I did !

Now another note… feeding the soul is something that may be a little trickier. The idea of a ‘soul’ is something that is deeply personal and maybe spiritual. It would be something that you, as an individual, would need to narrow down. For me and growing up in a Hispanic household, food was something that we always bonded over. I still find that this is true today. I feel like I am relearning the pure satisfaction of sharing new recipes and foods with loved ones. Seeing how eating together can really unite us sometimes without saying a word is really profound for me. So, maybe if this is true for you too, find joy in what you are cooking…And remember, a little love always makes it taste better.

(Also, yes, my current agenda is figuring out the secret to The Whitney Houses famous fries!)

I just want to end with a few things…

Remember, it is okay to take time for yourself, as an individual with individual interest, needs and wants. Take the time to enjoy the little moments we have in our lives right now. We all have a mind, body and soul that needs to be fed right now. It is easy to get sucked in by all the negativity, but with little bursts of positive thoughts and reinforcements, the world will seem a little less frightening.

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